Thrilled that Friday night’s poetry reading with six nationally acclaimed poets is on the cover of The Union’s Prospector!

Yuba Lit looks forward to the reading tomorrow night, Friday June 23rd, 7 p.m., at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City. Here is the link for tickets:

PS: While we’ve got you, save the date for Friday, September 15th, for Yuba Lit: The Art of the Short Story, featuring Josh Weil, Louis B. Jones, and Marilyn Abildskov. More details coming soon.

Yuba Lit Meet-Up June 23rd

Dear Yuba Lit friends,

I’m thrilled to say plans for Yuba Lit’s September offering are coming together, and we’ll soon be sending out a Save-the-Date. A teaser, for now: the theme is Art of the Short Story, and one of the readers is Dayton Literary Peace Prize honoree Josh Weil.

Meanwhile, September feels like too long to pass without a gathering of Yuba Lit community. So here’s what I propose: A Yuba Lit meet-up after June 23rd’s all-star poetry reading. The reading is at the Miners Foundry at 7; afterwards, Yuba Lit friends will roll over to McGee’s for drinks and lit talk.

Don’t have your ticket for June 23rd’s all-star poetry reading yet? You can get that done right now and get 10% off with the discount code YubaLit17. Here’s the link:

When I say all-star, I mean it. As in Pulitzer Prize winners. As in National Book Award winners. Take a look at the full lineup info below this email.

And now I’m going to sound like a public radio pledge drive for a sec: If you could buy your ticket early, that really would help. That way all us organizers know we’ve got our butts covered and that the house won’t be half-full come June 23rd. It just makes life less stressful for everyone, including you, since you won’t want to miss out on poets Francisco Aragon, Forest Gander, Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman, and Gregory Pardlo. Here’s the link again:

I hope to hear these poets with you, and discuss their readings over a drink, on June 23rd!

Yours in the love of literature,
Yuba Lit founder

Note this date: Friday, June 23rd.
And this venue: The Miners Foundry in Nevada City.

Now tuck away this info: SPECIAL 10% OFF for YUBA LIT AUDIENCE MEMBERS

Now take a look at this lineup:

Francisco Aragon: Author of Puerto del Sol and Glow of our Sweat; editor of the groundbreaking anthology The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry.

Forrest Gander: Author of, among many collections, Core Samples from the World and Eye Against Eye; Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Robert Hass: Former Poet Laureate of the United States; winner of the Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award.

Brenda Hillman: Author of, among many collections, Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire; winner of the Los Angeles Times Books Prize and the William Carlos Williams Prize.

Sharon Olds: Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Critics Circle Award; author of, among many collections, Stag’s Leap and Odes

Gregory Pardlo: Winner of the Pulitzer Prize; author of the collections Totem and Digest.

To cap all that off, the evening will be emceed by Nevada City’s own beloved Molly Fisk.

These writers are truly the leading lights of contemporary American poetry. Here’s the link for buying tickets using the 10% off code, YubaLit17: