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The Sierra foothills of Northern California have long attracted literary writers, from Mark Twain visiting the Holbrooke Hotel to Gary Snyder homesteading on the North San Juan Ridge.YubaLit logo

Yuba Lit depends on the generosity of Sierra literature lovers to cover venue rental and other expenses. We are fiscally sponsored by Nevada County Arts, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible. You can donate to Yuba Lit using the button below. Donations of any size are most gratefully received. We are most pleased to acknowledge our generous donors publicly on our printed programs.


A community reading series celebrating great writing in the Sierra foothills, Yuba Lit launched September 2015 with a program featuring novelists Joshua Mohr and Christian Kiefer, and poet Molly Fisk. The second Yuba Lit drew more than 65 audience members to hear readings from novelists Janis Cooke Newman, Louis B. Jones, and Amy Rutten, and the third Yuba Lit drew an equally robust audience for poet Indigo Moor, novelist Josh Weil, and memoirist Cris Mulvey. From 2015-16, Yuba Lit benefitted the Bear Yuba Land Trust. In 2017, Yuba Lit benefitted nonprofits working for social justice. In 2018, Yuba Lit became a fiscally sponsored project of the Nevada County Arts Council.

Yuba Lit’s mission is to foster literary community in the Sierra foothills by drawing on the wealth of serious writers who live here and bringing in new perspectives and influences from Sacramento and the Bay Area. ‘Literary community’ to us means both people who write and people who don’t write but appreciate writing as a form of art.

One of our more popular features is our “Audience Flash Reading.” Any attendee who brings a poem or page is given a raffle ticket, and five are drawn, with each winning ticket holder taking the mike to read one poem or page. The quality and diversity of the flash readings, which typically range from self-help spiritual guides to travelogues to poetry, are always part of the fun of Yuba Lit.

Also, we have a long intermission, to give people plenty of time to mingle.

Yuba Lit was founded by producer and host, Nevada City memoirist and fiction writer, Rachel Howard.  Angela Sells acted as co-producer late 2016 through spring 2017.

Yuba Lit thanks Beth Ford of Beth Ford Design for her work on Yuba Lit’s September 2017 posters and visuals, and Andrea Roach for her photography. If you’d like to volunteer or join our mailing list, please email us at

yubalit nov 2016b

Yuba Lit, November 2016: Left to right, Ingrid Keriotis, Louis Nayer, Vanessa Hua, and host Rachel Howard.

A Gallery of Past Yuba Lits:

Yuba LIt November 2019 FINAL-page-001

May 18 Yuba Lit Poster Final-page-001


YUBA LIT_Phantoms final 8.15 print-page-001


Writers Who Have Read at Yuba Lit, September 2015-Present:

Marilyn Abildskov

Joshua Mohr

Molly Fisk

Christian Kiefer

Louis B. Jones

Josh Weil

Tomas Moniz

Will Dane

Julie Valin

Ernest J. Finney

Janis Cooke Newman

Amy Rutten

Elizabeth Soderstrom

Vanessa Hua

Caille Millner

Staajabu and Dr. V.S. Chochezi

Jordan Fisher Smith

Sands Hall

Indigo Moor

Eugene Berson

Cris Mulvey

Ben Preston

Dimitri Keriotis

Ingrid Keriotis

Nayomi Munaweera

Ruth Galm

Mary Volmer

Alicia Vandervorst

Frances Stroh

Louis Nayer

Angela Sells

Devi Laskar

James Charlesworth

Christian Kiefer


2 thoughts on “About Yuba Lit

  1. Hello! Are reservations required for your January 20th event, “United We Stand?” I have a feeling there will be quite a crowd attending, and don’t want to miss being there. If reservations are required, please put me down for two attendees. Thank you!


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